Accident & Vehicle Inspection

Road traffic accidents are often traumatic incidents and litigation arising as a result is becoming more common as court awards increase and injured parties become more aware of the compensation that may be available to them.

Phil Waterman was previously employed as a vehicle technician in the Motor Trade Industry since 1979 then moved into teaching before becoming self-employed and setting up P W Automotive Training Ltd conducting vehicle inspections for a variety of clients. During this time, he has provided reports for Police Forces, Coroners Court, Insurance Companies, and the Legal Profession in both civil and criminal cases, on behalf of either the claimant or the defendants.

Phil has wide ranging experience in this field relating not only to accidents involving cars, but also heavy goods vehicles and motorcycles. His detailed engineering knowledge of how vehicles are built, how they behave and how they operate is invaluable when understanding the possible causation of an accident involving vehicles on the road. All mechanical components of the vehicles such as brakes, steering, suspension, tyres and lighting will also be inspected to determine if these have had any bearing on the accident.

He understands that not everyone has a grasp of the principles surrounding Vehicle Inspections. It is therefore important that he conveys to his clients in clear and concise terms the possible reasons why a vehicle has failed or why it has behaved in a particular way. His goal is simple, to provide his clients with the information they need to make an educated decision regarding the vehicles condition both pre- and post-accident.

He provides high quality, accurate and detailed reports, to include diagrams if required, and photographs of each vehicle involved, and an explanation of all salient points identified within the reports. He also takes video footage and a number of high-quality photographs to support his findings.

He travels all over the UK to examine vehicles that have been involved in road traffic incidents and offers a fast response service to solicitors and insurance companies alike from the date of the call to the planned date of destruction of the vehicles, and if required can provide an interim report and photographs to assist clients with their initial decision making.